Chapter 1

~Chapter 1: Trigger ~

As the sun raise up once again, the world is filled with sunshine again. the sunlight sneaks through blockade of the black curtain and strikes upon my face, trying to wake me up from my slumber. that was super effective. I hide behind my blanket, trying to hide away from the strong sunlight.

'Bibibibi, Bibibibi! Bibb-' The alarm join the morning party, trying to wake me up, before it can even finish its duty, I press the button to make it stop.

"School time...again." I signed as I look at the time shown on the clock: 7AM, it is time for school again, I have to go to that blasted place again. but doesn't mean I hate school, in fact, I like school and the course I did and the people I meet, but the worse about it- is my parents.

"...I should get changed and go to school before they wake up, and I have to catch the bus." I shook my head, trying to get the annoying things out of my mind, today is a new day, after all, I can't let the annoying thing distract me. After cleaning myself up and put on my school uniform, I went to the kitchen and grabbed myself a piece of cake, without waking my parent's up, this is the best breakfast I can grab.

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